Major Andrew Drumm
1828 --- 1919
Major Andrew Drumm

A tribute by Meade McClure

The original “sketch,� prepared by Meade McClure, was
bound in leather.  The copy this book was made from contained the
following two notations:  The first notation was inside the front
cover;  the second notation, about the birth of Allen Edward
Starosta, was on the page showing the East Building, [ between page
16 and 17].  I found these passages of special interest and included
them in this book.  The original sketch contained a number of
pictures which are not included on this website.  Due to the loss of
quality when scanning photostat pictures, I decided to leave them
off.  Since Meade McClure knew Andrew Drumm over a 35 year
period and could speak of him in the first person, I felt the text was
very important.

Bill Richards