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Comments :   My Dad attended drumm farm and always spoke highly of the place. He has passed away now 2 years ago. I wish that I knew a little more information about his stay there. Thank you very much for the site it was nice to see his name in print, thank you again
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Comments :   Great work....passing this on to the great grandson of Calvin Troupe, Graduate of 1944. He will forever have the memory of the Drumm Institute to understand the roots of where Toppy came from. Thank you being a part of who he was. Drumms mission to give o
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Comments :   Wife of Terry Perrin, 1964 graduate. I loved this website. Thanks for all of your hard work. Terry and I have two boys, ages 15 and 17. We have heard a lot about Drumm Farm. It is great to get to see all of this.
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Comments :   My dad is Seth Oliver Eberhardt III who graduated in 1951. My 4 siblings and I had fantastic childhoods and are providing the same for our children. Everyone works hard, learns much and is successful. I spent the last 10 years as the Director of Operation
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Comments :   i want to know if you have any further information on Dennis Allen Zibung? if you do i would like it it would mean a lot to my dad because to him Drumm was home so please if you could find some justpost it so i could down load it for him. thank you.
First Name :   Tim Zibung
Comments :   hi all my life my dad has told me stories about "drumm farm" as he called it. my dad is Dennis Zibung. my dad always told me i was named after tim doughty.i will add more comments at a later time :)
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Comments :   Dear Jason: What a fantastic site. I appreciate the time and effort you have put in to make this Drumm site so spectacular. Hats off to your Grandfather Bill for having a Grandson as dedicated and resourceful as you. Thank You: Sincerely, Edward E.Armst
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